Blog Irish: Moving forward

I started this blog nearly five years ago, with the intention of giving some context and depth to the Irish culture surrounding the traditional music and dance we all love so much.

It has been an amazing journey of discovery for me, and I plan to continue that journey and expand it as widely as possible. I plan to write more, do more research, make more films and ask your opinions though surveys, including running the Top 5 Irish Céilí Bands poll again this August to coincide with the Fleadh Cheoil Na Éireann 2018.

I plan to continue to make as much as I can available to lovers of Irish music and dance through and also through my Easy Irish Dance YouTube channel.

So welcome to Irish Bliss Nua aka, for what i hope will be a new chapter for me, and for you, my readers.

Irish Bliss is now at

When you go to the new site, you will see that the layout and orientation of the new site is the same as previously, so you don’t get lost.

The immediate benefit to you of this new site will be the removal of that pesky advertising, particularly for those use cell/ mobiles or tablets to read. I may introduce some advertising that is relevant to you at some stage later but it will be less intrusive.

If you have suggestions for any topic you would like to see more of, please let me know.

Thank-you for continuing to read. support and enjoy.

Nora Stewart

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