Nora Stewart

Hi. My name is Nora.

If you have ever:

  • Wanted to get started Irish dancing;
  • Enjoyed Irish music & wondered how to be part of the fun of Irish culture;
  • Wanted to know more because of your Irish heritage;
  • Thought Irish dancing is only for girls in wigs & hoped you were wrong;
  • Wanted to know more about Irish music for dancing;
  • Or wanted to know more about Irish history connections to Irish dance and music;

You’re in the right place!

ABOUT Easy Irish Dance

Irish Bliss blog does the talking, and Easy Irish Dance does the teaching & doing- both with online courses, DVDs and download you can do at home.

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WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING about learning from Easy Irish Dance…

You are a fabulous teacher! Great angles and clear description. Thank-you so much! Gina, USA


Hello – Loved the DVD – very clear and straightforward, loved the sox. Hope u bring to festivals to sell maybe in future steps for sets. Great job. Keep doing it!!!!”  Nora B, Boston, USA


 Hi Nora-Thank you for the DVD that you sent me last week.I am enjoying it. Cheers. J. King, Melbourne Australia

ABOUT Nora Stewart

I can’t remember a time when there was no Irish influence in my life. My father, from Northern Ireland, emigrated to Australia in the late 50’s, spoke in that accent now hard-wired for me, as are the sounds of the Clancy Brothers and The Chieftains from the early days in the 70’s. Dance came early in my life too when I was 6, although it was in the form of ballet, not Irish dancing, which I didn’t start until I was in my early 30’s. I first visited Ireland in 1976 in the thick of The Troubles and it was a roasting hot summer there –  very memorable.

Two more visits and I decided to live there in 1998, beginning in Cork and then moved to Dublin  where I started to learn Irish set dancing with Padraig and Róisín McEneany. Got a real dousing of Irish music and dance in the six years I was there and then moved back to Australia in 2004 with my then-new husband, Martin from Armagh.

Apart from Irish set dancing, I’ve become a fan of old-style Irish or sean nós dancing and I’ve been known to sing a bit, play a bit of guitar, tin whistle and even ukelele – but don’t tell anyone that!

Nora Stewart: Dance + professional experience

  • 19 years Irish set dancing experience – 1999- current
  • 13 years teaching Irish set dancing – 2005 – current
  • 8 years teaching Irish sean nós dancing
  • 5 years ballet dancing
  • 2 years Irish step dancing
  • Accredited – NCIS Assistant Ski Instructor (Cross Country)
  • Film-making short course – Canberra Institute of Technology (2009)

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